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QRP To The Field 2012

Photos from the Vienna Wireless Society QRP To the Field event held at Glyndon Park.

Field Day 2011

Photos from the VWS Field Day activities at Burke Lake Park.

August 2010 NAQP

Photos from the August NAQP for Vienna Wireless. The location was beautiful though it was a hazy day. Getting to spend a little time on the radio is always fun!

Click an image below to enlarge it or view the set on flickr.

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Field Day 2009

A few photos, some radio related, many not, from the Vienna Wireless Society Field Day at Burke Lake Park.

2009 Winterfest

Here are the photos from VWS Winterfest. I spent most of the day at the book sales table so I didn’t get to spend much time taking phtoos, but did manage a few obligatory shots of the Martindale kids.

January 2009 NAQP

Here are photos from the Vienna Wireless Society’s North American QSO Party activities.

Great food and lots of fun was enjoyed by the crowd. Plus, I got to try out the new toy, the 5D Mark II. Being able to shoot at ISO 6400 is definitel useful!


2008 Skywarn Recognition Day

I was getting over a nasty cold and misse the early antics for Skywarn Recognition Day, but did managed to stop by for a cople of hours on Saturday afternoon.

January 2008 NAQP

A few photos from the Mothers Day gathering at the Golden’s.

VWS 5 Balloon Launch

This was the fifth balloon launch for Vienna Wireless Society. We launched the balloon from Strasburg, Virginia and it landed, much to our amazement, back in Vienna, within walking distance of the homes of many club members.

The balloon had two payloads, one with a camera and three transmitters. The second payload had several peeps, some seed packets and a second camera. Below the second payload were four or five “peeponaut deployment vehicles” (balloons containint peeps tied to tiny parachutes).

The weather on the ground was cold and damp with heavy overcast. We lost sight of the balloon fairly quickly. However, we did recover one of the peeponauts as it deployed while the balloon was only around 100′ up. In all the launches with peeps, it’s the only peeponaut ever to be heard from again.

The balloon burst around 82,000 feet, earlier than we had planned. The flight path was a little south of east and while descending the flight path went about two miles off the south end of the runway 1/19 at Dulles (though well above normal airport flight operations).

The balloon came to rest in a tree at the corner of Lawyers Road and Laurel Ridge Road in Vienna. John/KA4YMA put his climbing skills on display and retrieved it from the tree.

Overall the event was a success. The APRS transmitter worked well. The 2m 17mw CW beacon performed well. The only thing that didn’t go as planned were the cameras. One camera power supply failed before launch and the other camera didn’t take pictures automatically as it was intended to. I guess that gives us something to work on for VWS 6 whenever that happens.

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