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Libations With Linda, Episode 4: Jeremy Epstein – Electronic Voting Machine Security

With the presidential election just over a week away I thought it would be timely to talk about, not politics, but our voting infrastructure and the steps we can take to ensure our votes are counted as we intended. With the talk of rigged elections and the periodic news stories of voting machines misrecording votes I turned to Jeremy Epstein, an expert in the field of the security of electronic voting machines. He tells us about the pros and cons of these machines. Along the way we enjoy some Strongbow Gold Apple Cider.

Here are the links mentioned or shown in the video:

This episode runs longer than the pervious ones but Jeremy does a great overview of the issues involved with DRE voting machines and it’s worthwhile for anyone interested in the integrity of the voting process.

On the technical side, the audio is better this time but I am still working out the best way to get a clean chroma key.

Libations With Linda, Episode 3: Lauri – Coming Out In The Air Force

In this episode I speak with Lauri about life in the U.S. Air Force in the early 1980’s and what it was like to be a lesbian and serve in the military.

Our libation is Ménage à Trois Midnight, a delicious red wine blend.

The book mentioned in the episode is Secret Service: Untold Stories Of Lesbians In The Military by Zsa Zsa Gershick. My suspicion is that it is out of print now, but it makes fascinating reading.

Libations With Linda, Episode 2: Rachel – Gay Marriage In The Church

The podcast has made it to episode number two!

In this episode I speak with Rachel about same-sex marriage in the Episcopal Church where she can speak from personal experience. Along the way we enjoy some Stash Chai Spice Black Tea.

On a technical note, while the audio quality is a bit better in this episode the need for better lighting is obvious. Apologies for the quite noticeable video noise. Hopefully some better lighting can be obtained before the next episode.

Here are the links mentioned in the episode:

Libations With Linda, Episode 1: Mike – Coming Out

This is the first episode of a podcast I’m putting together. This is somewhat experimental. How often it happens or even if it continues to happen will depend largely on feedback and whether I can find guests on a regular basis.

The idea for the show is to sit down with someone to enjoy a beverage and discuss the topic of the day along with the beverage.

Future episodes will hopefully cover a wide variety of topics so if you have an idea for a topic or want to sit down with me to enjoy a beverage then let me know!

In this first episode I sat down with my nephew Michael and we discussed his coming out. Our libation was Premium White Peony from Teavivre.  This was a great white tea that we both enjoyed. It’s one of the better white teas I’ve had in my limited sampling of white tea so far.

Here are links to the sites mentioned in the podcast:

Apologies for the video noise and background hum. This was a first effort and I need to work a bit on the videography end of things still.

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