SOLD: Magneplanar Magnepan MG-1c Speakers

The speakers have been sold. They are no longer available.IMG_5094

This pair of speakers was purchased new in 1987 or 1988 but is still in great shape. They have recently been verified to be operational and still sound great. I still have the original box though the box is probably not suitable for shipping and shipping would cost a fortune as the speakers are moderately heavy and the box is large. I am willing to meet a buyer within 3 hours of the Washington, DC area or you can pick the speakers here. Use the contact form on the site to reach me.

I am asking $325.

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  1. Matt Hemstreet

    I live in AZ, I am interested, but wonder what shipping would cost?? Are they sold yet?

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Matt, they are still available, but shipping a 70+ pound, large box would be pretty expensive, probably over $100, and I’m not confident they would survive the journey.

    2. Mark Swisher

      I have several Magnaplanar speakers I purchased in the mid 1980’s located in the Phoenix area. I am looking to sell them. I have a total of 8 panels. If interested, drop me a line.

      1. Terry

        Hello, I saw your post about having some planars. Do you still have them, if so what? Thanks, Terry

        1. Linda (Post author)


          The speakers were sold some time ago.

      2. alessandro

        hi there

        i’m looking for a pair of MG Ic

        anyone who has it please email me at pany77@gmail.com



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