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April 2000 Cozumel Dive Trip

These, unfortunately not very good photos, are from a trip to Cozumel to go diving. They were taken with a Sony TRV-900 camcorder in still mode.

The intent was to shoot video underwater on this trip, and in fact, I did end up getting three hours of video but not with my camera. The housing I bought leaked when I tested it so I resigned myself to not getting any video. However, one of the other people on the trip, Richard (unfortunately he’s not in the photos), was shooting both stills and video underwater and he allowed me to use his video camera for two days. I got a total of three hours of video and ultimately produced a 30 minute video from the trip.

However, from a still photo perspective, I didn’t come away with much and even those were taken in very low light so the image quality isn’t very good.

Still, they are the only photos I have from he trip so here they are.

Christmas 1999

Photos from the Christmas 1999 celebration. Just how many people can you fit in one house…?

Thanksgiving 1999

Photos from Thanksgiving in 1999.

Sony TRV-900 VGA stills.

Plantation Key Dive Trip

Photos from a dive vacation in the Keys. These photos are from around the hotel and abve water, but the dock by the hotel proved to be a fun place to photograph!

Sony TRV-900 VGA stills.

Halloween 1999 & Tricia’s Birthday

These are from Tricia’s 7th birthday party as well as from Halloween since her birthday party was held on Halloween. The TRV-900 actually wasn’t an awful still camera. With three CCD’s it had more effective resolution than single CCD cameras that have to use interpolation from the Bayer pattern.

These photos are taken with a Sony TRV-900 Camcorder so sorry about the small size and relatively noisy images.


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