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Two Down

With the recent announcements of the departures of Rove and Gonzales, I can’t help but feel some happiness. Rove seems to have few redeeming qualities as a human being and Gonzales seems to be a walking, or at this point stumbling example of how Bush values loyalty over competence and commitment to the Constitution.

Still, part of me is scared. Every time someone leaves it seems like Bush appoints someone even worse to the job. Gonzales followed Ashcroft. Alito followed Miers. Could this just give him an opportunity to pick someone even worse.

I saw an article about Gonzales departure on the BBC website. I should have saved it, but I wasn’t thinking that far ahead when I read it. I was kind of amazed at how so many senior Bush officials were described as “long time friends.” At least George & Friends will be gone in 16 months. The only question is whether the people who follow will actually try to govern by consensus or by arrogance.

Nay to Gonzalez

I wrote the following letter to Senators Warner and Allen regarding the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General.

I urge you to vote against confirming Alberto Gonzales as the next Attorney General. Mr. Gonzales’ actions with regard to putting the perceived rights of the government above inherent human rights makes him ill-suited for this post.

It’s short and to the point.

If, like me, you believe that our Attorney General should be someone who respects both the law and the principles that underpin it then make your voice heard to your own Senators.

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