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2008 Maryland Renaissance Festival #6

This is my final set from the 2008 season. Unfortunately, going in garb did cause my picture quality to go down, but it was still a blast!

Lots of great music spent in the company of even better friends! I’ll sacrifice a few photos for that any day!

2008 Maryland Renaissance Festival #5

I’m still catching up on photos from Faire. Here are shots of Albannach, The Rogues, Wolgemut and Owen Phyfe.

Maryland Renaissance Festival 2008 #4

More photos from the festival.

Maryland Renaissance Festival 2008 #3: Albannach

The second set of photos from the day is from one of Albannach’s set. I’ve never heard bagpipes need amplification to compete with other instruments in the band but those drums are a force of nature and just pound into you. Great stuff!

Maryland Renaissance Festival 2008 #3: The Rogues

It turned out to be a short day at the faire thanks to one of our group feeling more than a bit under the weather so there weren’t a lot of photos. And, even though I love hot weather, the exceptionally high humidity had me sweating in places I didn’t know I could sweat. Not that you needed to know that, but it did seem to slow all activity down.

Anyway, here are some photos from The Rogues. The Canadians in the group managed not to wilt in the heat and, as always, the band was great to listen to.

Maryland Renaissance Festival 2008 #2

More photos from the Festival, this time with all the camera gear and unencumbered by costume.

Maryland Renaissance Festival 2008 #1

It’s that time of year again and this was my first visit to the festival. This one was a little different as Kirsten and Jenn made good on their threat/promise to get me into garb thsi year. This was a lot of fun but it limited the amount of photo gear I could carry and the number of phtoos I ended up taking. Still, a few shots were managed.

Maryland Renaissance Festival, Take 4 – The Rest

These are the photos I took walking from venue to venue within the festival. I don’t know who the performers are so if anyone can identify them, I’d be grateful.

That wraps up my photos from the last day so no more Renaissance Festival photos for almost a year.

Maryland Renaissance Festival, Take 4 – Wolgemut

These photos are from Wolgemut who put on a fun show. They were joined for part of the set by Gypsophilia and I’ve love to hear them play more. Hopefully they’ll put in an appearance at 2008.

Maryland Renaissance Festival, Take 4 – The Hooligans

I caught the tale end of this act. I think it was the Hooligan Brothers though that was listed in the program as a duo and there were three people on stage. So perhaps it was a different group. If I’ve got this wrong and someone can correct (or verify), please let me know.

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