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Ben’s Graduation Ceremony

These photos are from Ben’s graduation ceremony from Dr. Phillips High School held at the Amway Arena in Orlando.

Click an image below to enlarge it or view the set on flickr.

Ben’s Graduation Party

A few photos from Ben’s high school graduation party down in Orlando.

Final Orlando Photos

The last batch of photos from our New Years trip to Orlando. These are from Lorrie’s birthday party and miscellaneous photos around the house.

Funny Glasses

Sometimes families do silly things. In this case, my family passed around these funny glasses for everyone to laugh at how silly everyone else looked. Of course, I took photoss…

The Secret Lives of Children

When Ben told us that he was actually “Not Innocent Man” and that we only knew him in the guise of his secret identity, Alex chimed in by saying that he was “Midget Man”. A while later, Ben brought Alex out dressed in his super suit…

Bats & Couch Potatoes

Some miscellaneous images from the trip to Orlando. Daniel found the bat in the pool and rescued it. I managed a few photos before it dried out enough to fly away.


Spring Lake Hike

Photos from before and during a hike to Spring Lake.


2003 Orlando Trip

I went to Orlando for Kristie’s wedding. No wedding photos here – she had a photographer to do that – but photos from around the house and the nearby parks.

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